Style NW Marketing Club

Join the Style NW Marketing Club! We have an active community of 2,000 + locals who love to hear about the latest styles, beauty products and services in the Northwest. When you sign up, you can also be promoted on NW.Life with a following of 3,000 + and In Skagit with a following of 15,000+ for no additional charge!

We donate 25% of all of our profit to a new local charity every quarter. Every purchase you make from Style NW makes it possible for us to donate our time to promote these local charities.

  • Style NW Premium Membership

    Premium Showcase

    • Large Magazine advertorial /twice a year
    • Premium Showcase Video /twice a year
    • Exclusive topic article /quarter

    Weekly online marketing
    Quarterly topic article

    Unlimited guides /quarter
    4 image photoshoot /quarter
    Exclusive giveaway /quarter
    Premium social sharing
    Premium member discounts

    3 month min*

    Monthly Price: $250.00

  • Style NW VIP Membership

    VIP Showcase

    • Magazine advertorial /twice a year
    • Showcase Video /twice a year

    Weekly online marketing
    Monthly product post

    Unlimited guides /quarter
    3 image photoshoot /quarter
    Exclusive giveaway /quarter
    VIP social sharing
    VIP member discounts

    3 month min*

    Monthly Price: $125.00

  • Style NW Basic Membership

    Basic Showcase

    • Magazine guide post /twice a year
    • Slideshow Video /twice a year

    Monthly online marketing
    Quarterly guide post

    1 shopping guide /quarter
    1 image photoshoot /quarter
    Group giveaway /quarter
    Basic social sharing & discounts

    3 month min*

    Monthly Price: $50.00

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