Skagit Yummy Alert Marketing Club

We are providing you with the unique ability to put your delicious and intoxicating creations in the hands and mouths of local foodies who truly want what you provide. We know how valuable your time is which is why we created the three membership options for you to choose from. All we will need from you is a few minutes for your time for a short interview and photoshoot. We will take care all of the rest!

  • We have an active community of 15,000+ Skagit Foodies on our social networks.

Part of our social purpose is to help provide those who are in need with access to the sustenance they require to survive. So we donate 25% of the profit from the marketing club to the Skagit Food Distribution Center and Skagit food banks.

Join the club by choosing your level below!

  • Yummy Alert Premium Membership

    Premium Showcase

    • Large Magazine advertorial /twice a year
    • Premium Showcase Video /twice a year
    • Exclusive foodie guide /quarter


    Weekly online marketing

    Monthly menu item post

    Unlimited guides /quarter

    4 image photoshoot /quarter

    Exclusive giveaway /quarter

    Premium social sharing

    Premium member discounts

    Price: $500.00

  • Yummy Alert VIP Membership

    VIP Showcase

    • Magazine advertorial /twice a year
    • Showcase Video /twice a year


    Weekly online marketing

    Monthly menu item post

    Unlimited guides /quarter

    3 image photoshoot /quarter

    Exclusive giveaway /quarter

    VIP social sharing

    VIP member discounts

    Price: $250.00

  • Yummy Alert Basic Membership

    Basic showcase

    • Magazine guide post /twice a year
    • Slideshow Video /twice a year


    Monthly online marketing

    Quarterly guide post

    1 dining guides /quarter

    1 image photoshoot /quarter

    Group giveaway /quarter

    Basic social sharing & discounts

    Price: $100.00

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