Foodie Adventure Upgrade

Upgrade your VIP Membership with more of everything! Increase the number of times your potential customer sees your delicious dishes on social media, in our magazine and on our website = increasing the number of people walking through your doors.


  • Large advertorial in our magazine
  • Weekly online marketing
  • 2 restaurant guides /quarter
  • 4 menu items /quarter
  • 6 image photoshoot /quarter
  • Top billing in a Yummy Alert video /quarter
  • 1 photo post on Instagram or Pinterest 
  • 1 Newsletter featurette /quarter

+ All of the VIP Benefits

  • 1 exclusive giveaway /quarter
  • Unlimited Foodie guides /quarter
  • VIP social sharing
  • VIP member discounts

1Gift certificate supplied by business

*3 month min

VIP Membership $125

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